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Analyst, Reporting & Analytics


Date Opened: 04/17/2023

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Job Number: 23000191

Job Description

Job description
The primarily responsible for improving the existing data extraction/web scraping tools and workflow.
Automatic other team regular work process using python.
- Responsible for improving the existing data extraction/web scraping tools and workflow.
- Focus on identifying and fixing the scrapping related issues and scaling the scrapers to download
huge volumes of data.
- Crawling experience with different tools at scale including Python, Selenium, Soup and Scrapy
Web Scraping Specialist.
- Good Understanding and Implementation of Scrapy, Selenium based crawlers which are highly
scalable and reusable.
- Develop and maintain web scraping scripts using Python and Selenium to extract data from
websites and APIs
- Use Beautiful Soup and other scraping tools to clean and process data for analysis.
- Automating other daily task using pandas and numpy.
- Having knowledge library like thinker, pylint and pyinstaller.
Any graduate
Proficiency with Selenium and Beautiful Soup
Strong understanding of web scraping techniques and best practices
Experience with data processing and analysis
Strong problem-solving and communication skills
Experience working in a team environment

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